Event Registration

Registration deadline 18.05.2022

Registrations via Mail to wettkampf@svbasel.ch,

  • via LENEX File (Switzerland)
  • DSV File (Germany)
  • and / or PCE-3 File (France)

Foreign clubs can register via Excel file, if the above formats are not available.


As soon as the registrations have been received, an acknowledgement of receipt usually follows within one working day.


Excel-File Registration
For foreign clubs only
Meldeformular Excel.xls
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 13.5 KB
LENEX-File Registration
For swiss clubs
Meldungen via LENEX.lxf
Komprimiertes Archiv im ZIP Format 7.8 KB
DSV6-File Registration
For german clubs
Meldungen via DSV6-Format.dsv6
Text Dokument 47.0 KB